Ring Size Guide

“Find Your Perfect Fit”

Discover the key to finding your ideal ring size with our comprehensive ring size guide. From simple measurement techniques to helpful tips, we'll assist you in determining the perfect size for a comfortable and secure fit. Enjoy the confidence of knowing your ring will be a perfect match, ready to adorn your finger with effortless elegance.

Engagement rings and wedding bands are commonly worn on the left ring finger. Measure the exact finger where you’ll be wearing your ring, as fingers on either hand can be slightly different.

Ring Size Guide

How to Use A Ring Sizer

Step 1. Create a loop
Secure the end of the sizer through the buckle to form a ring shape.

Step 2. Try it on
Slip your desired finger (usually the left ring finger) through the loop.

Step 3. Make it snug
Pull the end through until the sizer fits snug but is not overly tight.

Step 4. Find your size
When it fits correctly, look at the little black arrow and note your ring size.

Tips to Measure Ring Size

  1. When using a sizer, pull tightly. The sizer must fit comfortably yet snugly to produce an accurate size.
  2. Measure your finger at the time of the day when it will be at its largest usually at the end of the day. Please keep in mind, your ring size can fluctuate about a half size based on your temperature, hydration levels, and hormones. Avoid measuring your fingers when they are cold or damp.
  3. Bands and rings over 5 mm in width may fit your finger more tightly than rings of the same size in narrower widths.
  4. The most accurate way to determine your ring size is by visiting a local jeweler or Elemente’ showroom. Book an appointment with our diamond experts for personalized guidance.

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